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Corrosion Test Chamber

Corrosion resistance
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Environmental Stress Screening test chamber (ESS)

How long can your product withstand its original performance?
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Climatic chamber & thermostatic chamber

The climatic chamber allows two quantities to be checked: the temperature and the humidity within the limits declared by the manufacturer:
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ACS Space Simulator

Find out the project developed for ESA Space Simulator! ACS consolidated know-how in space simulation systems has enabled our customers to face...
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Climatic chamber control system

Are you ready for the future? The Internet of Things (IoT) is not only applied to the objects used every day (e.g. smartphones and smartwatches),...
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Dewing test climatic chamber

ACS support manufacturers in testing product's quality and reliability! ACS Dewing Test Climatic Chamber, in the Standard product range, support...
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Energy Saving Climatic Chamber

Are you concerned about the increasing energy costs? Make a farsighted choice and choose an energy saving climatic chamber! In the last decades...
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New Ecological Gas for Environmental Chamber

Find out what is going to change!  In 2014 the European Union approved an important regulation to clamp down the rising trend of global warming. ...
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