Thermal shock chamber: CST130/2T "spinner"

Thermal shock tests serve to test the specimen behavior when it is subjected to extreme temperature conditions. In these cases, the specimen can cool or heat at different speeds and at different points, depending on the material it is made from. If exposure to the repeated thermal cycles corresponds to large expansions and contractions in volume, or if the thermal shock that the product undergoes is greater than the maximum resistance of the material(s) from which it is made, it could be subjected to strong mechanical tensions or to the breakage.

Under normal operating conditions, the same type of failure could occur over a much longer time; therefore the purposes of thermal shock tests include those of bringing to light the defective components that are subject to early failure, or to show defects in the production processes, in order to make the changes necessary for the product optimization.

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New ACS Thermal Shock test chamber CST130/2T "spinner"

The chamber is made up of two test compartments:
• The hot chamber is equipped with an air treatment system complete with: fan, heaters, temperature sensor and thermostat.
• The cold chamber is equipped with an air treatment complete system with: fan, heaters, evaporator, temperature sensor and thermostat.

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The qualification of the chamber was performed in accordance with the strict standards of the MIL-STD-883H method 1010.8.

Main Standards

The chamber in brief
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• Chamber structure made from painted carbon steel
• Inspection window: multiple panes, heated, with double transparent film, dim: 330h x 330 mm. Available only for the hot chamber
• Height adjustable feet that ensure perfect leveling of the chamber even on floors that are not perfectly flat
• Port with silicone cap: diameter 95 mm. This allows electrical, mechanical or hydraulic connections to be made between the inside and outside of the machine
• The test compartment is made from stainless steel (material 1.4301, equivalent to AISI 304)
• Internal lighting in the hot chamber to facilitate specimen movement operations

The electrical equipment complies with the provisions on CE marking and the applicable product standards; the electrical panel has a degree of protection IP54.

The “basket” in which the products to be tested are placed is moved electrically from one compartment to the other by a motorized worm drive system; this mechanism ensures a high transfer speed and significantly reduced vibrations while the specimen is being moved from one chamber to the other. During the transfer the specimen is subjected to a thermal shock according to the thermal profile temperatures that have been set.

Cestello CST1) Basket
2) 1 light grid internal shelf (maximum load 8 kg evenly distributed)
3) Free PT100 sensor inside the basket for temperature monitoring and protection of the specimen (protection is ensured by an independent max/min digital thermostat)

• Light grid  internal shelf (maximum load 8 kg distributed per shelf)
• Heavy-duty internal shelf (maximum load 50 kg distributed per shelf)
• Leveling wheels supplied in the place of the feet provided in the basic configuration
• Remote air-cooled condenser
• Set of 4 analog inputs: 0 to 10V for the acquisition of user data (max. 1 set)
• Set of 4 PT100 inputs (max. 1 set)
• Set of 4 PT100s
• Set of 8 auxiliary contacts (max. 1 set)
• Analog retransmission of the temperature of the free sensor inside the basket 
• MyKratos™ software for multi-chamber management: software installed in the PC for monitoring and controlling multiple chambers.

Rich basic configuration
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Smart Cooling Kit

Angelantoni Test Technologies introduces the new concept of compressor stand-by mode (patent pending technology) which allow a more efficient management of pressures upstream and downstream of the compressor, producing a better control of the cooling capacity and a reduction of the mechanical effort. The resulting benefits are:

• Up to 20% reduction of energy consumption
• Up to 50% noise reduction
• Increased system reliability
• Improved temperature regulation

Compressor stand-by mode: the compressor works in “reduced effort” conditions during the phases in which cooling capacity is not requested. Total stand-by times can even reach 70% of the total time of a climate cycle.

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Eco-friendly RefrigerantEcofriendly

In order to comply with European Regulation 517/2014, on Fluorinated gas (F-Gas) emissions,  the new CST130/2T "spinner" has been equipped with the new R449A refrigerant gas.

The new ecological refrigerant used in the high stage of the cascade refrigeration system has a low global warming potential (GWP) of just 1,397 and is in line with the EU Regulation.

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Reduction of consumption and absorption peaks

Special attention was paid to consumptions. Thanks to a series of complex software algorithms, intelligent resistances control allows the reduction of absorption peaks guaranteeing lower energy consumption.

Greater match between cycles and test profile

Greater precision thanks to the Pre-Conditioning phase which allows to obtain cycles matching the exact thermal profile set and to the Post-Conditioning phase which allows the specimen to be moved more quickly at the end of the test cycle.

High number of cycles for long-term tests

The introduction of compressed air drying columns has made it possible to improve the performance of the chamber in terms of productivity. This system allows to set cycles for long-term tests without resorting to defrosting.

Optimized system

Electronic and remote setting of On/Off solenoid valves. The electronic control allows to obtain more repeatable results while the remote setting allows to optimize the valves setting without resorting to on-site interventions.

Find out more about MIL-STD-883H

Control software Scritta MyKratos

MyKratosis the management control software embedded on the machine in a dedicated, totally integrated hardware module and include the interactive assistance system MyAngel24™. The ACS software allow to control and manage all the chamber's functions. It requires no installation and it is accessible from: operator panel, PC via browser web or via the free APP developed for mobile devices.

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Thermal Shock Catalogue


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Don't miss the innovative services of MyAngel24™!

The innovative services developed to meet the needs of our customers allow to manage and monitor the operating conditions of the ACS chamber anywhere and at any time.


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Automatic Reports
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The operator will receive periodically the report of the activities of the room, containing the graphs of the tests carried out in the previous period.

Flexibility: The frequency of receipt of reports is customizable, for maximum flexibility.

Time saving: Automatic sending of reports facilitates the work of the operator.

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Automatic Alerts
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The system automatically sends alerts to the Angelantoni Service and, if requested, also sends them to the operator.

Remote Support: Angelantoni supports the customer by operating remotely on the chamber.

Less on-site intervention: 
Angelantoni Service remotely changes PID parameters and PLC programs.

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Preventive Maintenance
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The Angelantoni Service identifies the problem and solves it, when possible remotely or by planning an on-site intervention.

Reduced chamber downtime: 
Preventive planning of maintenance operations.

Utmost efficient on-site intervention: Savings on maintenance times and costs.

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