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The 24h remote assistance system allows operators to remotely connect to their ACS chamber.

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The innovative services developed to meet the needs of our customers allow you to manage and monitor the operating conditions of the ACS chamber anywhere and at any time. These services include:

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Automatic Reports
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The operator will receive periodically the report of the chamber's activities, containing the graphs of the tests carried out in the previous period.

Flexibility: The frequency of receipt of reports is customizable, for maximum flexibility.

Time saving: Automatic sending of reports facilitates the work of the operator.

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Automatic Alerts
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The system automatically sends alerts to the Angelantoni Service and, if requested, also sends them to the operator.

Remote Support: Angelantoni supports the customer by operating remotely on the chamber.

Less on-site intervention: 
Angelantoni Service remotely changes PID parameters and PLC programs.

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Preventive Maintenance
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The Angelantoni Service identifies the problem and solves it, when possible remotely or by planning an on-site intervention.

Reduced chamber downtime: 
Preventive planning of maintenance operations.

Utmost efficient on-site intervention: Savings on maintenance times and costs.

Alert: Notifications in real time!

ACS has always been synonymous with innovation!
With the creation of the alert system, the research and development activities focused on preventing the needs of customers before they even occur, to offer a service that is increasingly in line with a constantly evolving market.

Alerts are generated for the following functions:

Regulation Monitoring

Regulation Monitoring
When the regulation of the variable controlled is not within the limits.

Set Point

Setpoint Monitoring

Deviation Monitoring
When the variable controlled does not reach the setpoint.

Set Point

Deviation Monitoring

Achieved Setpoint Monitoring
When the variable controlled deviates from the setpoint.

Set Point

Pressure Monitoring

Low stage
In case of refrigerant leaks (for refrigeration system in cascade).

Gas Pressure


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If unexpected conditions occur during the execution of a test, the chamber automatically sends alerts. These enables the monitoring of the test in progress by warning the person in charge of its check even if he is not in front of the chamber.
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With the alerting service, the operator can intervene in real time to check the conditions of the chamber and, if necessary, stop the cycle to avoid the failure of the test in progress and long machine downtime, due to the setting of a new test profile.
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The 24h connection to the chamber allows the Angelantoni Service to intervene remotely by adjusting, for example, the functional parameters (PID parameters) based on the specific test needs that the customer wants to perform.

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