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Environmental Stress Screening test chamber (ESS)

How long can your product withstand its original performance?

Products should maintain their performance even after many cycles of use, the more they stick to their original performance the higher is their quality. 

The Stress Screening Test (ESS Test) is a process to which manufacturer submit their products with the final aim to increase quality. These tests help manufacturers to highlight, whilst still at the prototype stage, those problems which, if they are not resolved during the design phase, could appear during the service life of the product whilst under normal use.

Electric Board ESS test

The stress screening test chamber subjects the sample being tested to greater thermal stresses compared to a traditional chamber in order to force the occurrence of latent defects, production errors or infant mortality of the product in order to intervene in the stages upstream of the production process, with the aim of correcting the problem encountered and improving the general quality.

Stress Screening IEC60068-2-14 Curva Bathtube
Stress Screening Test 60068-2-14 Test Nb
used to assess how a product reacts to rapid temperature changes
Bathtub Curve
used to discover defective parts in the early "life" and wear-out phase of a product



What is a Test Chamber and how does it work?

DiscoveryMyClick on the button below for a technical in-depth analysis about: all the possible factors that can stress your product, functionality of ACS test chambers, all the sectors in which they are applied and much more. 

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The stress screening test chamber has a powerful cooling units and ventilation systems to ensure a correct stress on the product under test and to avoid temperature difference between the temperatures measured on air and on the specimen.
To find out more about ACS test chambers, read the article written by our team: "What is a test chamber and how does it work?".

Stress screening test chamber has higher gradients than those of a standard climatic chamber; 10/15/20  degrees/minute may generally be selected. 


Where do you want to start?

ConfiguratorConfigure your test chamber online and for free in 4 simple steps. In the configurator website you will discover all the sectors in which the ACS test chamber are applied and you can easily request for free quotation from our team of experts.

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