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Energy Saving Climatic Chamber

If you are concerned about the increasing energy costs,
make a farsighted choice...buy an energy saving climatic chamber!

Energy Saving Test Chambers

In the last decades the energy saving subject has become increasingly important as the burning of fossil fuels for power generation is the largest source of COemissions.
This gas is now considered the major accused of global warming, thus the topic raised in the agenda of many private and public stakeholers who committed in supporting those companies investing in the use of energy-saving machines.

Protecting and preserving the environment is one of ACS highest priorities, which is why, in line with its sustainability policies, ACS has been conducting research and development to reduce energy consumption and to increase the use of ecological and recyclable materials in order to develop products that reduce environmental damages at all stages of the product lifecycles.

Discover the energy saving climatic chamber: Flower®

ACS paved the way to energy saving operations in the environmental testing field in 2004, obtaining flower® patent: the first energy-saving test chamber.
Focusing as always on continuous improvement, today ACS is proud to present the NEW flower® which can guarantee:

Energy saving up to 70%!

It consumes about 70% less energy during the stabilization phases due to the unique and “patented” system which includes:

  • An inverter that controls compressor speed and allows the compressor power to adapt different working needs
  • A “cold sink”* to increase the cooling efficiency

Testing lab comparison with an equivalent conventional chamber, steady state conditions:

Energy saving test chamber

Green area represents Energy Saving:

the values on the blue line indicate the minimum energy saving
the values on the green line indicate the maximum energy saving 

Read the article "What is a test chamber and how does it work".


Check it out!
Based on desired test temperature, Energy Saving could reach up to 70%.

In the example here under:
at a Temperature of 20° C --> The energy saving will be between 40% and 70%

Energy Saving Test Chamber

 testing lab comparison with an equivalent conventional chamber, steady state conditions


We have tested the New Flower® chamber, comparing results with similar product from closest competitor; the saving is impressive, ACS energy saving climatic chamber shows a great performance at steady conditions and with a 24 hour international standard.



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