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Dewing test climatic chamber

ACS support manufacturers in testing product's quality and reliability!

ACS Dewing Test Climatic Chamber, in the Standard product range, support manufacturers in designing their products, granting high quality and reliability! The scope of the dewing test is to investigate the behaviour of the specimen when subjected to dew, in order to detect possible malfunctioning or failures generated by product deficiencies.

Dewing test climatic chamber

To find out more about ACS test chambers, read the article written by our team: "What is a test chamber and how does it work?".

ACS Dewing Test system includes the following main components with easy operations to remove the kit and use the chamber in its standard configuration:

  • Stainless steel water tank with heater for thermal control
  • Plexiglass cover
  • Water pump

ACS Dewing Test Climatic Chamber unique design on the market allows to perform BMW GS 950114 standard.


What is a Test Chamber and how does it work?

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Plexiglass Cover
Special shape of the plexiglass cover that enables dew concentration all around the device under test and prevents water droplets from falling on the specimen.

ACS Plexiglass cover

Water bath
Thermoregulated water bath, as large as the plexiglass cover, allowing water evaporation on its entire surface and perfectly under the specimen.

ACS Water bath

ACS is also available to evaluate the possibility of a retrofitting to offer to its customer the best costeffective solution.


Top 7 things to consider when choosing your test chamber

Download the ACS Free Guide on the 
"TOP 7 things to consider when choosing your test chamber" to clarify the main features of a climatic chamber for thermal shock tests in order to facilitate the choice of the product.

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