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Corrosion Test Chamber

Corrosion resistance

If you are concerned about potential rust damages to your product, you should probably test its ability to resist to corrosive agents.


Corrosion tests are carried out to check the resistance of a material or a coating to the corrosion process which is triggered naturally with the reaction (chemical or electrochemical) to the aggression of oxidising agents such as, for example, atmospheric oxygen, moisture, gas, corrosive solutions….
This process leads to a gradual deterioration of the material subject to oxidation and the loss of its characteristics (this can be easily seen in all those cases in which a metal surface rusts).

Corrosion effects Corrosion effects Corrosion effects

A Corrosion Test Chamber, also known as Salt-spray test chamber, can help manufacturer to understand how corrosion affect your product, which is the best coating or which materials could be most suitable in the context of use.

To find out more about ACS test chambers, read the article written by our team: "What is a test chamber and how does it work?".


What is a Test Chamber and how does it work?

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There is a great variety of salt spray test that a corrosion test chamber can perform, the one to be choosen depends on the application field and on the type and dimension of the product to be tested. 
The main type of test to be performed are:

  • Dry corrosion test
    In which the product under test is exposed to salt spray cycles followed by low humidity drying phases (during the drying phase the small salt deposits trigger a powerful corrosive attack).
  • Continuous salt spray test
    In which the product is continuously exposed to salt spray phase, and therefore to corrosion, until the end of test duration.
  • Alternate salt spray
    In which it is possible to alternate salt spray phases and stand by phases.

The conditions for triggering corrosion processes such as “Filiform Corrosion” or “Scab Corrosion” can be recreated in the corrosion test chambers, following the main international standards.


Where do you want to start?

ConfiguratorConfigure your test chamber online and for free in 4 simple steps. In the configurator website you will discover all the sectors in which the ACS test chamber are applied and you can easily request for free quotation from our team of experts.

Configure your chamber


Top 7 things to consider when choosing a test chamber

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"TOP 7 things to consider when choosing your test chamber" to clarify the main features of a climatic chamber for thermal shock tests in order to facilitate the choice of the product. 

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TOP 7 things to consider when choosing your test chamber

Top 7 things to consider when choosing a test chamber











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