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Climatic chamber control system

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Are you ready for the future?

The Internet of Things is not only applied to the objects used every day (e.g. smartphones and smartwatches), but it marks the advent of what experts call the 4th Industrial Revolution which is offering companies new development scenarios on markets that are increasingly demanding and innovative.

To meet the emerging needs of Industry 4.0, ACS test chambers have been equipped with highly advanced management control systems: MyKratos™ and MyAngel24™.

The NEW ACS climatic chamber control system is housed on the machine in a dedicated, totally integrated, hardware that allows the management of the chamber's functions.

MyKratos™ climatic chamber software demonstrate that ACS chambers have been conceived for and are perfectly suitable to the customer's needs, which are met with concrete, satisfactory solutions.

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Man‐machine cooperation
continuous interaction between the operator and the test chamber

identification of the defective parts

Scheduled maintenance
help forecasting technical services before climatic chamber shut down

Remote maintenance
contributes avoiding on-site intervention in 50% cases

Reductions of interventions time
Reduces downtimes, reduced technicians travel

Remote support
PID parameters adjustment in remote

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