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Climatic chamber control system

Are you ready for the future?

Are you ready for the future?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not only applied to the objects used every day (e.g. smartphones and smartwatches), but it marks the advent of what experts call "The 4th Industrial Revolution" which is offering companies new development scenarios on markets that are increasingly demanding and innovative.
To meet the emerging needs of Industry 4.0, ACS test chambers have been equipped with highly advanced management control systems: MyKratos™ and MyAngel24™.

MyKratos device
ACS climatic chamber software is embedded on the machine in a dedicated, totally integrated hardware module. It permits the control and management of the chamber’s functions through any kind of connection.

The ACS software has been designed to make ACS climatic chambers suitable to respond concretely to customer needs and to guarantee reliability and quality.
This innovative control software allows to monitor, manage and assist the chamber anywhere and at any time using Wireless (WiFi), Ethernet or mobile connections which allow to operate through different devices such as PC (web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox ...) and the free app for tablets and smartphones (compatible with IOS 8 and Android 4.2.1).
No installation or additional hardware/software is required.
The operator interface can also be remotely accessed through a chamber connection to the client’s LAN or via mobile network (on activation of SIM card data). It includes the MyAngel24™ remote-assistance system.

MyAngel24™ is an online diagnostic and remote servicing system included in the chamber basic configuration, activation is possible on Customer demand. Once activated, Angelantoni Server acquires data coming from the chamber, allowing ACS Service Staff to grant a remote assistance 24h.
ACS service staff can identify the problem and if possible, solve it remotely, or at least identify parts that may need to be replaced and check their stock availability in order to schedule an utmost efficient on-site intervention.

User Interface

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Man‐machine cooperation
continuous interaction between the operator and the test chamber

identification of the defective parts

Scheduled maintenance
help forecasting technical services before climatic chamber shut down

Remote maintenance
contributes avoiding on-site intervention in 50% cases

Reductions of interventions time
Reduces downtimes, reduced technicians travel

Remote support
PID parameters adjustment in remote

MyKratos features



User Interface

The chamber is equipped with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for managing all the chamber’s functions and safety interlocks. The HMI system consists of an on-board panel (Keykratos Evo) and a remote control (MyKratos™ including MyAngel24™) connected to the chamber. 

On-Board Panel (Keykratos Evo) consists of 3.5 inch Analog Touch Panel 65,536 colours with a touch menu with related pop up screens, allowing the following activities: main chamber's parameter setup, manual control, possbility to start the last stored profile, visualization of eventual alarm notifications. 





  • Visualization and graphical analysis of measures and recordings
  • Synoptic graphs of the entire system
  • Multilanguage support
  • High configurability of chamber parameters
  • Unlimited possibilities of measures recording
  • Program and Manual mode of chamber operation
  • Delayed start of a program
  • Automatic notifications of event and alarms
  • Ability to send email notification to various recipients via customer's LAN connection


  • Live data update of measures on the charts
  • Graphic charts or numeric table representation views on the monitor
  • Graphic cursor for in-chart data measurements and evaluations
  • Calculation of Measure Slopes and report generation
  • Enable/disable of chart display
  • Zoom in, zoom out and scroll functions
  • Export function to convert the MyKratos™ log file into ASCII format (usable in Excel or other applications)


Control System


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