ACS test chambers for the electronics industry

Environmental testing of electronic equipment aims at significantly reducing the risk of product failure in the field and accelerating product time-to-market. Testing is critical for ensuring that products not only work as planned but do so without failures in the environmental conditions under which they must operate and be transported.
ACS chambers simulate environments for research, development, manufacture, qualification, acceptance and product reliability testing at any stage of the product life cycle. 

Custom-design test solutions for Electronics

Innovation, flexibility, advanced know-how have always been the keys to ACS's success in the "special" chamber sector.
ACS is able to provide customized test equipment for the electronics industry, mainly combining temperature, RH and mechanical stress (vibration) tests that are typically performed in sectors at the forefront of technological research. These chambers can be  equipped with special interfaces for all types of vibrators produced by major international manufacturers. In this way, fatigue stress can be easily combined with thermal stress. A dedicated software controls and manages combined tests through simple operations by the user.
Leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, electronics and telecommunication fields have been successfully using this and other kinds of ACS custom-designed chambers for their ever evolving testing needs.

Test solutions with standard chambers

Discovery My T&RH chambers
Capacity 340-600-1200-1600 l. They are available in the following versions: Universal Use, E (Stability Tests), ES (Stress Screening), ESS (Severe Stress Screening) and Flower® (the eco-friendly test chamber).
"ES" series has been designed for Environmental Stress (ESS) an is ideal for reliability growth processes where temperature rates of change of 5 degrees a minute are pre requisite.
All of the chambers in the "ES" range are equipped with air condensers, except for the 340 l model where water condensation is required to maintain a compact footprint.

"ESS" series helps manufacturers detecting product defects and production flaws. Screening can force infancy board and component failures that would otherwise occur after final assembly and product delivery, and potentially during the warranty period. Two versions are available, according to  the temperature rate of change (10°C/min and 15°C/min).
20°C/min and 25°C/min versions are available on request.

All the Discovery My chambers are equipped with MyKratos™ management and control system, installed and ready for use without any additional operations.

Logo MyKratos buLogo MyAngel24 blu
MyKratos™ includes the innovative  MyAngel24™ interactive assistance system (activation on demand).  MyAngel24™ is the online diagnostic and interactive assistance system that allows the management and the monitoring of the test chamber from everywhere at any time.
The system includes multiple customer-oriented services such as the automatic reporting, self diagnosis and the monitoring of the main components status for preventive maintenance.



Other standard chambers for electronics applications


CST130/2T "spinner"

The “spinner” has been completely redesigned based on the Discovery My model, to guarantee our customers ever greater benefits!
  • Reduction of consumption and absorption peaks
  • Greater match between cycles and test profile
  • High number of cycles for long-term tests
  • Optimized system operation

The chamber is made up of two test compartments:

  • The hot chamber is equipped with an air treatment system complete with: fan, heaters, temperature sensor and thermostat.
  • The cold chamber is equipped with an air treatment complete system with: fan, heaters, evaporator, temperature sensor and thermostat.

The chamber is equipped with a 10-inch color touchscreen operator panel -  allowing you to have on-board the same fast and intuitive graphic interface that is available on PCs, tablets and smartphones – and with MyKratos™ Software integrated in the chamber.



DCTC 600_small2

DCTC series 

The new approach to corrosion diagnostics (DCTCTM) has overcome the traditional concept of "salt spray chambers". Extremely reliable, the chamber allows to study the specimens undergoing incisive stress such as "scab" and "filiform" corrosion. 

The 600 and 1200 l models are completely made of plastic anti-corrosion materials ensuring endurance and perfect seal over time. Their footprint has been reduced to minimum, thanks to a basic configuration that does not include the salt solution tank, available as option (200 l).

The 2300 l model is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and is equipped with a 120 l salt solution tank.




Vibration_Chamber_smallVIBRATION TEST CHAMBERS
AV / T series

The available volumes are 600, 1200 and 2200 litres; the temperature range is from 70 to 180°C, while the humidity range is from 10% to 95% (in the temperature range of +10/+95°C).

No. 3 choices of temperature change rate are available: 5, 10, or 15°C/minute.
ACS vibration test chambers are now equipped with the new all-in-one software MyKratos™ integrated in the chamber.

Very easy operation
A worm screw type of lifting system, managed by the touch screen control panel, allows to adapt the test cabinet to the shaker height.
It is also possible to add horizontal movement on request. This is especially valuable if your shaker allows both vertical and horizontal movement or if you want to use more shakers with the same chamber.
Great flexibility 
Different removable floors, for vertical and horizontal vibrations, can adapt the chamber to any existing standard shakers.
If there is the need to use the chamber without the shaker in place, a blind floor is available.
The test cabinet movement is managed by the detachable control panel located on the right side of the chamber.


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