The control software for ACS test chambers

ACS is pleased to introduce the latest innovations of MyKratos™ control software and the most recent release of MyAngel24™ interactive assistance system. 

Find out with our informative videos how easy it is to set a test profile cycle or to remotely control the chamber from mobile devices.

Robert ACS

Robert will show you 7 brief and clear videos, each one dealing with a specific topic, for a comprehensive view of MyKratos™ hyperconnecting software and MyAngel24™ innovative services.


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For hyperconnected environmental test chambers,
according to 4.0 industry requirements.
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MyKratos™: Let's start with an overview

In this video Robert will show the main sections of MyKratos™ control software listing all the macro-functions available in the main command bar for chamber management and test profiles setting.
Discover the user-friendly graphic interface of MyKratos™ software featuring clarity, consistency and efficiency of use.



MyKratos™: Start using your chamber!

Once the machine is installed and turned on, it is immediately available for local management with the on-board panel. Find out the multiple types of connections available on-board and download the free APP for remote management.
Are you ready to broaden your horizons?



MyKratos™: How to manage a test profile

With MyKratos™ it is possible to create, modify or delete test profiles. In this video Robert will describe in detail how to customize your test profiles starting from the controlled variables chart and showing the procedure step by step.
Follow Robert's explanation of test profiles setting procedure.




For supporting and facilitating the job of
using ACS test chambers.

MyAngel24™: The main features at a glance

Once activated, the system will ensure a secure connection to Angelantoni servers for a 24h monitoring of the chamber operative status. In case of need, ACS service staff can operate from remote to identify and solve problems.
Discover with Robert the most relevant features of MyAngel24™.



MyAngel24™: The activation procedure

Robert will show the operation the user needs to do on the on-board panel to activate or deactivate MyAngel24™, the interactive assistance system included in MyKratos™ control system.
No additional hardware or software is required.



MyAngel24™: Maintenance costs reduction

Take note of the innovative services provided by MyAngel24™. The system is based on dedicated algorithms for supporting and facilitating the job of customers using ACS test chambers.
Robert will describe in details the following new functions: Automatic Reporting, Self Diagnosis and Preventive Maintenance.



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MyKratos™ Brochure

Find out how the ACS test chambers are able to prevent problems and downtimes, dealing efficiently and rapidly with problems and optimizing maintenance costs.

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